How To Get Football Accumulator Winners Explained

One method is to place all the short priced bankers in an accumulator bet and pray that they all win providing a winning bet but with obvious less danger.

The second way to go about accumulator betting is to choose teams playing at their home ground that are expected to win, but are not at really tiny odds such as 1/4, 1/3 or even 1/2. This method indicates you can choose four teams around the evens price in the bookmakers odds and your accumulator would pay out around the 8/1 level. This would produce a return of 90 for a 10 bet outlay if winning.

This is a reasonable tip on accumulator betting because it balances the danger aspect between supporting a lot of short odds favourites for a little reward, and backing bigger odds teams with a much higher risk factor. One important thing to look out for when betting on accumulators is when the discountedfavorite is the away team. Forbettingbeginners, a team like Chelsea or Manchester Cityfacing a team like Norwich, Sunderland or Stoke looks like excellent value with odds of around 11/10, but playing away from home.It's always achallenge and these teams don't always win. Typically,it'sbesttoavoidthese teams when playingaccumulators, and this is one of the best tips we can offer. For riskier accumulator bettors,betting on tie games is a high-risk strategy thatgetsincrediblepayouts if you maketherightchoice. If you guess four matches correctly, you can expect a payout from thebookmaker of up to 100/1,whichsuggests that a betof 1 can win 100! However,thistype of accumulator bet is almostnever used because,asyoucansee, it is difficult to decide which match will end in a draw;The potential benefits are incredible. If we were to give you solidadviceon accumulator gambling it would be to focusmainlyonthehome teams and look for odds of 4/6 ormore, this means everythingYourchoices all add real value to the bet and it canbesimpler.andit's easier to pick a 4/6 pick that wins than three 1/3 picks where an upset can easily blow your accumulator.If you like this site you can visit

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