Why Should You Use E-Design instead of Traditional Interior Design Service

Since the pandemic has kicked off, our lifestyle has changed completely. We stay home more, wear masks everywhere, need to take a test when we go travelling or have to carry our vaccine proof etc... Our shopping habits have changed as well. People tend to use more online shopping rather than going shopping. Not only for shopping, a lot of services started to be provided digitally including interior design services which are called E-Design. E-Design is the service that professional interior designers will provide their service such as consulting, providing 2D floor plan or 3D CAD rendering entirety online. Why should you use an e-design service instead of a traditional interior design service? Let me tell you some advantages of using online interior design services today!

1, Affordable price

On average if you use traditional interior design services, it costs $2000 - $5000 which isn't very affordable. On the other hand, most E-Design services cost from $500 - $1000. It is because E-Design is more collaboration between client and designer. You will still get the expertise of professional work from interior designers via online.

2. You are in control

Once your design plan is complete and receives it from me, it is all in your hands. Whether you start shopping and implement immediately or want to take 3 years to be done, it is up to you. Also, you decide whether to move forward with the exact suggestions or use them as inspiration to find something else. You're in control.

3. No need to meet in person

I am sure since the pandemic started, many people are a little bit paranoid to welcome a stranger into their house. All the processes of E-Design will be virtual. Therefore you do not need to invite the designer to your home. All correspond via email. That means also no cleaning or making sure every space is perfect for the designer to see or no need to schedule an appointment.

4. Less waiting time

If you use a full traditional interior design service for your home, it will take a minimum a few months to a year. It is gonna be a long process till you see your ideal home spaces. On the contrary, If you use E-Design interior design services, it also depends on you but usually takes 2 weeks to 4 weeks. I said it depends on you, because you will have to provide measurements of the space you want the designer to style, and also you will have to take photographs of the space, and rough sketch. Plus some inspirational pictures from social media or blogs. And then the designer can start working on your project. So if you are in a rush, you should provide these necessary elements to the designer quickly.

5. Simple process

As I have mentioned above, the E-Design process doesn't include needing to get an appointment to meet with the designer, needing to invite the designer back and forth. Online interior design services are much simpler than full traditional interior design services. After you purchase the service from your favourite designer, they will send you a questionnaire to get to know you. You answer all the questions accurately in order to make your designer understand your needs and ideal space and you just send it back to the designer with some photographs, measurements, a rough sketch of the space, and some inspirational pictures. And you just relax and chill while the designer works on your project. After a few weeks, you will receive design plans that the designer created and you just start shopping for the items that the designer suggested. You implement how you like it or just follow the designer's suggestions, it is all up to you. You see? It is so simple and very easy. No complications.

6. You do not have to find a designer in the local

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